12 June, 2022

The value of the critical contribution of the private training sector

Photo courtesy: NCVER
The private training sector is a critical contributor to Australia’s vocational education and training system.
Currently, the private sector delivers 70% of vocational education and training in Australia. This includes the delivery of accredited courses that helps people develop new skills or improve their existing ones.
The private sector plays an important role in supporting pathways to jobs. It provides quality training that is responsive to the needs of employers and the changing workplace.
Their flexibility, responsiveness, and ability to meet the needs of industry and learners mean they play a vital role in ensuring Australia has the skilled workforce it needs to compete in the global economy. Private providers are also important for adult learners who may have work and other commitments.
The private training sector also provides valuable pathways for those who may not have considered TAFE as an option or who may not have been able to access a TAFE course due to geographical location or other constraints.
Investment in a strong public provider and greater subsidies and support for learners is welcomed. However, the importance of the private training sector cannot be understated.
Its contribution to the vibrancy of the vocational education and training landscape is essential, and its role in supporting pathways to employment must be recognised.
An investment in the private training sector is an investment in the future of Australia’s workforce. It is vital to ensure that our economy remains globally competitive.
It is, therefore, important to remember that the success of Australia’s VET system depends on both TAFE and the private training sector working together to provide the best possible outcomes for students. Investment in both is essential.

2 years ago