17 July, 2022

New Standards for Registered Training Organisations

In early 2023, new standards for Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) are expected to be released, which will emphasise self-assurance practices and organisational culture and practices.
This is a significant change from the current standards, which focus mainly on compliance with government regulations. The new standards are designed to help RTOs create a more holistic approach to quality assurance, one that includes input from all stakeholders.
The following are our expectations from the new standards:

  • clearer guidelines on what is expected of RTOs
  • greater transparency around each and every clause and requirement
  • a focus on continuous improvement, rather than simply meeting the minimum requirements
  • greater flexibility in how RTOs can deliver their training and assessment
  • stricter penalties for non-compliance
  • better protection for students’ rights
  • improved data collection and monitoring
  • providers to have a minimum level of financial viability
  • a fit and proper person test for those in management positions
  • a move away from prescriptive rules and towards principles-based regulation
  • the delivery of high-quality training and assessment services
  • RTOs must ensure that their courses are relevant and up-to-date and that they are delivering training that meets industry standards.
  • RTOs must have robust systems and processes in place to monitor and evaluate the quality of their training.
  • RTOs must have clear guidelines in place for the management of student complaints and appeals.

The new standards must represent a shift in focus for RTOs, from simply meeting minimum requirements to ensuring that they are providing high-quality training that meets the needs of students and employers.
Organisations that do not meet these standards will not be able to operate as a registered training organisation. This will ensure that only providers that can meet the highest standards are able to offer courses.
The new standards should be aimed at ensuring that RTOs are delivering quality training that meets the needs of students and employers. They will also help RTOs to build a stronger culture of quality assurance, which will in turn improve the overall reputation of the VET sector.
These are just some of the changes we would like to see in the new RTO standards. What do you think should be included? Let us know in the comments below.

2 years ago