14 October, 2021

Online Learning Platforms A Lifeline For Students During The Pandemic

There have been many forced changes in the world over the past 18 months, with every industry seeing some form of impact. Life is slowly but surely becoming recognizable again, but in the education sector there is a new normal, one that makes getting extra help and benefitting from shared resources more convenient than ever before.
Anyone who has been involved in education, from parents to students has seen and experienced the almost overnight switch to a remote style of learning. Schools across the world have been forced to utilize technology, and it may be a while still before traditional classrooms, lecture halls and indeed teaching methods are back in use
Trying circumstances can be difficult, but evolution and innovation can and has thrived in these environments, and instead of simply being the ‘only alternative’ to brick and mortar teaching and tutoring, more students than ever before are discovering the fantastic benefits of online education and online tutoring through platforms such as Studypool.
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3 years ago