12 June, 2022

The cost of living is hurting international students

Living costs in Australia are soaring, and international students are feeling the pinch. Some are being forced to rely on food vouchers and charity to get by.
The cost of living in Australia has been rising steadily over the past few years, and international students are feeling the pinch more than most. With tuition fees and other costs already putting a strain on their finances, the rising cost of living is pushing many over the edge.
Rising rent prices, fuel prices, and the high cost of food are among the biggest financial burdens for students. In some cases, these costs have resulted in students going hungry or skipping meals. This is having a serious impact on their studies and their health, and it is something that needs to be addressed urgently.
The situation is especially dire for those studying in metropolitan cities such as Sydney and Melbourne, where the cost of living is among the highest in the country. Students there are finding it increasingly difficult to afford basic necessities, let alone save any money for their future.
Charity organisations like Foodbank Australia are seeing an increase in the number of international students seeking assistance. In the past year, Foodbank has provided more than 20,000 meals to international students in need.
The situation has led to calls for action from the Australian government. Some politicians have suggested that the government should provide financial assistance to international students.
The high cost of living is just one of the challenges faced by international students in Australia.
Despite the difficulties, most international students say they are happy with their decision to study in Australia. They believe the experience is worth the challenges they face.
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2 years ago